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Established in 2001, We are supplier of life RX, RC and science products that operates with a small, but dedicated group of scientists. Headed by our CEO and President, we provide the research community with high-quality reagents backed with rigorous quality control data, expert scientific support, and fast international delivery.

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“Discovery through partnership, Excellence through quality”: With over 210 products, our growth can be attributed to the continual production of cutting edge research products. Our diverse portfolio of RX, Research Chemicals, primary antibodies, antibody conjugates, proteins, immunoassay kits and small molecules bridges across the life sciences, including products for cancer research, cardiovascular disease, cell signaling and neuroscience. To aid research worldwide, we have an extensive network of international distributors that allow us to supply reagents to over 85 countries.

In the years to come, we will continue to aid life science research by providing “Discovery through partnership, and

Excellence through quality”. We provides a 100% Guarantee that all of our products will work in the applications and species set forth on our website and in our technical datasheets. We also warrant that at the time of shipment this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

If it is determined by us that one of our products has failed to conform to the specifications we will be pleased to replace the product free of charge or issue a credit for the total purchase price of the non-conforming product. All of our products are guaranteed for one year from date of receipt if stored correctly.

Our team

We run a good business with dedicated staff that specializes in what they do, producing & handling a single product. With the production and handling of a single product line, we have become extremely good at what we do; namely, providing all our customers with an excellent quality and highest purity products available in the market, at the best price available. We import directly from our factories in China/ U.K, our products are still in their original packaging, this is to ensure it’s maintained its excellent level of quality and purity assay +99.8%

Should you have a technical issue with one of our products, please view our Technical Support Resources or contact us directly by email with your specific query.

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